The Machine

Located on a private, leafy estate on the near north side of  Indianapolis, The Pop Machine has hosted hundreds of recording sessions for platinum-selling music legends and emerging artists since 2000.


Our selected discography includes "Visual Love" from the 2013 GRAMMY-nominated Best R&B Album "Better" by Chrisette Michele (Motown Records), "ErrryThang" by Ace Hood featuring Yo Gotti from the Billboard #1 R&B/Hip-Hop; Billboard #1 Rap Album; Billboard 200 Top-10 album "Blood, Sweat & Tears" (Island Def Jam/We The Best Music Group), and "Bruised 'N Tattooed" by American Bombshell (EMP Label Group). 

The Pop Machine was designed and built by co-founder Terry L. Monday and his Monday Designworks firm and features stunning acoustical spaces, a Solid State Logic AWS 924 Delta SuperAnalogue console, Avid Pro Tools and Logic Pro X digital audio workstations, and classic analog gear with a curated collection of vintage musical instruments supported by a team of the highest caliber producers, engineers, and musicians. 

The studios


Live Room


Maple, mahogany, and poplar tone woods clad the walls of The Pop Machine's tracking room which is flanked by an isolation booth and an upstairs 'amp loft' with custom configurable acoustic gobos.  The studio is wired for sound with Mogami, Marshall Soundrunner, and Neutrik interconnects. The cue system includes an Oz Audio Q-Mix with Sony MDR-7506 headphones.

The studio's mic locker features modern and vintage tube, ribbon, condenser, and dynamic microphones with direct injection boxes from Uncle Albert's Vacuum Tube, Avalon Design, Acme Audio, Radial, and Tech21.  


Control ROOM 


The crown jewel of The Pop Machine is our Solid State Logic AWS 924 Delta SuperAnalogue workstation, which combines a state-of-the-art analog console and multi-layered DAW controller.  On the analog side, the AWS 924 is a complete 24-channel/8-bus standalone mixer with 24 analog inputs. Each of the AWS 924's channels features a top-of-the-line SSL SuperAnalogue microphone preamplifier, a line-level input, and dual 4-band E- and G-Series EQs, all based on classic SSL technology.  

Beyond the SSL, there are 24 channels of the world's finest outboard mic pre/EQs that include vintage Neve 1066, 1073, and 1081s, API 512 racks, stereo-matched Calrec PQ modules, and Universal Audio 2-610.

Highest resolution audio is captured through a Lavry AD122-96 MX A/D Gold converter to Avid Pro Tools HDX and Logic Pro X workstations (with a vast plugin library) synchronized to an Apogee Big Ben 192k master digital clock.  Otari MX-80 24-track and Ampex ATR-102 1/2" 2-track analog tape machines are available for analog purists.

The studio's well-appointed rack of effects processors and analog outboard gear feature pieces from API, Avalon Design, Calrec, dbx, Focusrite, Lexicon, Neve, Smart Research,Spectra Sonics, Teletronix, Tube-Tech, SPL, and Universal Audio.

The control room offers ultra accurate monitoring with Hafler-powered original-issue UREI 813A mains and Bryston-powered JBL, KRK, ProAc, and Yamaha nearfield options.