Move audiences with the help of our team of the highest caliber producers, engineers, musicians, songwriters, and programmers. Track in our legendary rooms and mix in our ultra-accurate control room outfitted with the latest digital audio workstations and classic analog recording equipment with access to the owners' private vintage instrument collection.

The centerpiece of the studio is a Solid State Logic AWS 924 Delta SuperAnalogue console augmented by a curated collection of vintage guitars and basses, amps and pedals, analog synths, drum kits, microphones, preamps and EQs, compressors, reverbs and delays, DAWs and tape machines.

Session pricing starts at $65 per hour (4-hour minimum).

  • Includes engineer.

  • Includes engineer.

  • Eric Klee Johnson + Marc Johnson, Producers-in-Resident

  • Andy VanDette, NYC 914-772-7706